Accessories - Horn

Hi! I am sorry I have been away for so long, I truly appreciate your interest in my blog and apologize for my long absence.

Without further ado, on to the blog post...

I was recently working on a foyer design for a client and decided that the table in the foyer needed a little something. I didn't want anything too flashy, too modern, too traditional or too big. I found just the perfect thing, a horn vase (see below for the vase). One of the things I like most about horn accessories is the inherent curve in the item which gives it an elegant and graceful look and yet there is also a touch of masculine vibe. I also like the texture and variation of color within each piece. I find it simply beautiful.

Here are a few pictures of rooms that have horn accessories:



Horn accessories are surprisingly (to me) affordable, here are a few that I love:
(From top left: cupsculptureoval bowlvaselampaccent table)

What do you think, is this an accessory you would consider for your house?