Wicker - Gray Wicker Chair that is...

Have you ever noticed something for the first time, then start seeing it everywhere? I had that experience with gray wicker dining room chairs! I have to say, I was not a fan of wicker until I started seeing wicker chairs in the gray finish (also called Kubu chairs). And now, I like it. I specifically like the organic feel of the chairs, the inherent texture of the chairs and the fact that they are neutral enough to go with a variety of dining tables. Have a look at some of these inspiration photos:



Here are a few gray wicker chairs I have found (high to low):
Provence Bucket Armchair from Restoration Hardware $500
Veranda Armchair Indoor/Outdoor from Armoires & More $395
St Thomas Indoor Wicker Washed-out Grey Arm Chair from Overstock.com $244
Byholma / Marieberg Chair from Ikea $95
Kooboo Side Chair from World Market $65

So, what do you think? Would you consider gray wicker chairs for your dining room?


A view from my window - Les Halles

When I first saw Les Halles, the food market in Avignon, I was totally in awe and amazed at this living wall! When I took this picture, I tried to capture the beauty, size, texture, movement and organic feel of the wall. My picture does not to it justice, it is simply beautiful in person.

I love bringing the outside in and using natural elements in interior design. How about bringing the living wall inside? Check out some of these photos:



Unfortunately an entire living wall in my house is not feasible, but I am working on a spot for the living wall herb garden in my kitchen!


Nailhead Trim - on the walls

I have to tell you, I love nailhead trim. I think it adds just that little something to make any piece of furniture look special. I have seen it on all types of furniture, headboards, ottomans, chairs, tables, sofas etc... But I have just recently started seeing it on walls, and I absolutely love it! It is a bit unexpected, and adds such a nice, understated detail. Have a look at some of these inspiration photos below:

Lucy and Company

Karas Kottage
If installing nailhead trim on your walls seems too daunting, how about Rivet wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries, it is simply beautiful and achieves the look with a lot less effort (depending on your wallpapering skills!).
Phillip Jeffries

Tilton Fenwick
Or this beautiful Stud Stripe wallpaper by Celerie Kemble for Schumacher, a double row of stripes on a paperbacked jute burlap ground:
So what do you think? Would you add some nailhead bling to your walls?


A view from my window - Blue Footed Booby Bird

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, even a blue footed booby bird! My dad took this picture on a recent trip to the Galapogos Islands. I can't believe that amazing shade of blue of its feet - it is simply beautiful!

This is J Lo's kitchen, featured in Veranda Magazine. I have been seeing a lot of blue kitchen cabinets lately, I like this particular color blue (Ralph Lauren Paint, Lisbon Blue), and mixed with gray, glossy white, and the black oven, makes the kitchen feel light and airy, ethereal almost, but also grounded. Looks like a kitchen I'd love to spend time cooking in!

Have a great weekend!


Living Room Credenza - update

My credenza arrived! If you recall from my first blog post, I chose the Juliette Credenza from High Street Market. Kelly Robson, a co-owner of High Street Market, provided excellent customer service regarding my order and delivery of this piece, something I find so rare these days. I love so many items at High Street Market and it was a true pleasure doing business with Kelly. I am still working on the styling of the credenza and whether or not I want to put mirrors or something inside the doors so you can't see what's inside, but like I've mentioned before, my living room is a work in progress.

Without further ado, here is my new credenza:
While the credenza is a bit darker than I was expecting (compared to the picture provided at the time online), it fits the space perfectly, I love the lattice doors, and most importantly it holds the stereo and the kid's toys and books, with some room to spare. I love that the kids can put their things in and just close the doors, it makes my living room feel so much less cluttered.

However, me being me, there was something about the knobs that was bothering me (kind of like what I went through with my bedside tables). I thought perhaps they are too plain. Here is a close up of one of the doors:
Here is another view:
I started thinking about what knobs I would like/what would work, gold? silver? leather? decorative? Then I decided on the perfect knob, a round glass or acrylic ball. It is the right choice for me/the living room, because it is understated yet adds a touch of sparkle and brings lightness to the credenza. So, here is my new credenza, with my new knobs:

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. I love my new credenza with the acrylic knobs, I think it is simply beautiful.

ps - you can find round glass/acrylic knobs in many places, I found a package of 4 acrylic round knobs at my local Target store, for $18. The package comes with screws that were too short for these doors and the screws for the original knobs were too long, so I bought 4 new screws at Home Depot, size #8-32 x 1-1/4", they worked perfectly.

Neutral Living Room - some inspiration

My living room is a work in progress. We are transforming it one piece of furniture at a time, from dark(ish)/formal(ish) to a more light, neutral, casual feel, with a bit of color to keep it looking fresh and to add some interest. I thought I'd share with you the inspiration rooms I used to help me narrow in on the the look I wanted for our living room. 
Reese Witherspoon's Ojai living room from Elle Decor
I love the neutral room with the texture from the Pottery Barn jute rug and the amazing green lamps!

I love the lilac linen pillows and single chair, what a fun way to add and balance a bright color!

Again, love the neutral walls and furnishings with a hint of lavender color.

The vibrant orange pop of color, gives this room a fresh and exciting feeling.

Love the pale blue and the Alan Campbell zig zag frabric on the ottoman and again the textured rug.
Using inspiration photos (from a blog, other online sources, magazines, or even a friend's house) is a great way to help you figure out the look you want for your house. Whenever I see a room or furnishings I like, I'll keep a picture of it and then file it by room (I love Evernote for this purpose). I have noticed that when I look through one of my room files, a trend starts to emerge based on the pictures I have included and it helps me to define the look and feel that I want for my room.