Living room - sideboard/credenza/buffet
I have been searching and searching for just the right sideboard for my living room.  

A little background, my living room and dining room share one area, with an opening to the kitchen. This space is where we spend the vast majority of time, as a family and entertaining friends. Currently the only "storage" we have in the space are various bookshelves, which are filled with toys and kid stuff, books, photo albums and our stereo.  Frankly, the space is looking rather cluttered.  Does anyone else have this problem? I have been trying to figure out the best storage option that will hide the kid's toys and our stereo, in a way that creates a less cluttered, simply beautiful space.

To handle the kid's toys and stereo, I have considered several options including: custom built-in shelving (ruled out because it seems like a more permanent option and we are not sure this is our "forever" house.  Also, it might look awkward as there is no real natural start/stop point for the unit), a large armoire (ruled out because it might be too big of an item in the space and could overwhelm the room) and finally I decided on a sideboard. I think this is the best option because it will be big enough to store all the kid's toys and games and our stereo, it will be easy for everyone to access all the items inside, we can use the inside shelves to organize and store the toys, or perhaps not use inner shelves and instead group the toys in baskets that can be pulled out, and best of all, we can simply close the doors and hide it all! I would like the sideboard to be a light color (white, cream or light wood) because I want to keep the room light and airy feeling, I also like the idea of mirrors, again to reflect light, and I like the idea of fretwork or some detail on the doors, but nothing too formal or ornate.

Here are my top four choices:

(105"w x 20"d x 38"h)
While I love the look of the Sanctuary Console, the light, rustic wood, with mirrored and fretwork doors, I think the piece might be a bit too long. Next...
(76"w x 19"d x 37.5"h)
I love the Continuum Buffet. It is a good size and has a nice basket weave detail on the doors. I like that it is on legs, not just flat on the floor, but I am a worried that while it is a light color, the piece might feel to heavy in the space. Next...

(53"w x 16"d x 29"h)
I like the clean lines of the Niche Dining Buffet, but it is a bit small, if I did two together, might be too long. Next...

(70"w x 22"d x 30.5"h)
The Juliette Credenza is THE ONE! A good length, certainly deep enough for the stereo, it is on legs, which gives the feeling of airiness, I love the wood work on the doors, and the piece does not feel heavy to me. While there are no mirrors and you can see through the doors, I can always add mirrors to the inside of the doors, or perhaps a linen fabric.  Another bonus, it is on sale!

So there it is, my process for finding the right sideboard/credenza/buffet to help make my living room simply beautiful.