O'verlays - decorative fretwork panels for Ikea furniture and other things

Do you know about O'verlays, the product and company created by Cheryle Rhuda of The Whole Nine Yards and Danika Herrick, of Gorgeous Shiny Things?
O'verlays are white, decorative fretwork panels, made out of flexible, light weight PVC foam composite. They are paintable, can be cut with a utility knife and can be applied to most surfaces including, glass, mirror and solid surfaces. The panels are made to fit Ikea furniture, but also come in custom sizes. The idea behind O'verlays is to help people create custom, high-end looking furniture for relatively low cost. This product sounds amazing, right? 

Here are three transformations of the Ikea Malm Dresser using O'verlays:
 Here are two transformations of the Ikea Rast Dresser using O'verlays:
I think the updated dressers all look amazing! My new favorite O'verlays panel is the XANDRA (the one with the gold X's in the Malm picture above). I love the clean lines and classic look.

Below are a few examples of ways to use O'verlays other than on Ikea furniture:

In all three of the above table examples, by adding just a little detail from the O'verlays panels, the piece goes from ordinary to custom. 

The picture above shows a great way to use O'verlays (and paint) to modernize an old credenza.

The O'verlays on the stairs are subtle, yet impactful.

I am not sure if the panels in the above picture are actually "O'verlays," however, what a great idea to use them as decorative wall panels, it provides architectural detail and interest to a plain wall. Might be something to considering especially if you are currently a renter.

The above picture is not "O'verlays" but it looks like an easy architectural detail that can be created using "O'verlays."

Did you find any inspiration here? Are you thinking of things you own that could use an O'verlays update? I'm thinking about my Ikea Billy Bookcases, stay tuned! 

You can get more information and order O'verlays here: Shop


(Note all O'verlays images are from Cheryle Rhuda and/or Danika Herrick and their various websites and facebook page, unless otherwise noted.)

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