A client's guest room

A client asked me to spruce up her guest room. In her words, her room is a hodge-podge of things, and wants it to look fresh and put together.

Here is an idea "mood" board I put together for her:

My starting off point was using the color navy blue, which was inspired by the deep blue color of the ocean that can been seen looking out the windows of this room and then I added a little citrine and turquoise to provide that fresh feel my client wants. I also wanted to have contrast in the room, white with navy blue, and natural with shiny gold/brass items, both of which give a nod to the ocean/beachy theme without being too literal. In addition, I wanted the main elements of the room, like wall color, bed, and night stands, to be neutral, so that if she ever wants a different look, she could change the accent items, like the decorative pillows and blanket, for a quick, relatively inexpensive fix.



  1. This combination of blues along with using the dark navy blue stripes in the bedding is crisp and fresh. Why did you think gold was the metal color that works with this redo?

  2. Hi, thank you for your comment. I used gold, primarily because my client had a gold mirror and two brass lamps that she wanted to keep in the room. While there are times when I like using using different metals in one room, it gives the room depth and helps create a layered quality, I wanted this room to have more of a crisp/tailored look.