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My house is seriously lacking architectural detail, with the exception of the standard builder grade baseboards and window and door moldings. I love the character and feel that millwork, from simple crown molding and thick baseboards, to more elaborate board and batten and wainscotting, add to a space. I think including these elements in a considered way gives a home personality, in a simply beautiful way.

A good starting place for me to add an architectural element is in my very plain entry way.  Specifically, installing board and batten will add some much needed architectural interest and really enhance the area in a noticeable, uncluttered way. 

Have a look at some inspiration photos:
Beautiful! I like the symmetry with the two different size boxes of this board and batten. I think it adds even more depth and interest to the space.

I like this picture because it shows how to handle board and batten on the different size areas in an entry way, such as by the door and window and a long wall.

(unknown source)
This picture shows that the board and batten is only in the entry way, it does not go up the stairs. While I love this look, for my house, I think the vertical rectangle boxes (as seen in the first two pictures), opposed to the more square boxes in this picture, would help to elongate the entry area (I have 8 ft. ceilings). 

So, based on my review of several different board and batten pictures and tutorials, such as Rambling RenovatorsDecor Chick and Ana White, (there are a lot more!) I would like my entry way board and batten to have the following characteristics:
  1. I want it to cover the entire wall, floor to ceiling, instead of just going half way or three quarters of the way up the wall. I think doing the entire wall will be a "cleaner" more sophisticated look. 
  2. I want the board and batten to have different size "boxes" as this will add dimension and interest to the space.
  3. I want the spacing of the board and batten to be on the wider side, opposed to narrow.
  4. I want to have the board and batten only in the entry way, and not carry it up the stairs.

Decisions, decisions. I will keep you posted on my progress! Has anyone else installed board and batten in their house? I'd love to hear about your experience.


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