Neutral room with a splash of color

I love a neutral room. A neutral room illustrates my simply beautiful design philosophy, it can be calming, relaxing, inviting, yet polished and feels effortlessly put together.

However, that said, there's also a side of me that loves color, which I think can also be simply beautiful.  I've been thinking about how to have both, perhaps a neutral room, with a splash of color? I am currently loving the color hot pink. So, how about it, could you, would you, add a little hot pink to your life?  



  1. spectacular color ideas. Easy to do. Inspiring!

  2. I love bold colors - especially pink - but always hesitant to try them. After seeing these ideas, I might just try it.

  3. I am so glad you found this imspiring! I think bold colors can be a bit daunting, but I think using just a little color can make a big impact and liven up any space.