Neutral Living Room - some inspiration

My living room is a work in progress. We are transforming it one piece of furniture at a time, from dark(ish)/formal(ish) to a more light, neutral, casual feel, with a bit of color to keep it looking fresh and to add some interest. I thought I'd share with you the inspiration rooms I used to help me narrow in on the the look I wanted for our living room. 
Reese Witherspoon's Ojai living room from Elle Decor
I love the neutral room with the texture from the Pottery Barn jute rug and the amazing green lamps!

I love the lilac linen pillows and single chair, what a fun way to add and balance a bright color!

Again, love the neutral walls and furnishings with a hint of lavender color.

The vibrant orange pop of color, gives this room a fresh and exciting feeling.

Love the pale blue and the Alan Campbell zig zag frabric on the ottoman and again the textured rug.
Using inspiration photos (from a blog, other online sources, magazines, or even a friend's house) is a great way to help you figure out the look you want for your house. Whenever I see a room or furnishings I like, I'll keep a picture of it and then file it by room (I love Evernote for this purpose). I have noticed that when I look through one of my room files, a trend starts to emerge based on the pictures I have included and it helps me to define the look and feel that I want for my room.


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