My Master Bedroom - Bedside Tables

I have been making swift progress on my master bedroom, it has been re-painted and the crown molding is installed. I am now working on the furnishings. I like to have a mix of things when decorating, including high and low end pieces, because I think it keeps things interesting.  One area that I have decided to go low on are the bedside tables for my master bedroom. I selected the Ikea Hemnes Night Stand in gray-brown, for $55.99 each!

The side tables look good in the room, but something was bothering me about them, and I realized it is the drawer pulls. At first I thought I'd spray paint them, but I was concerned that over time, the paint would rub off and I also just wanted something a little more interesting. I have had my eye on brass ring pulls (they seem to be every where these days!), such as these from Lee Valley

I was all set to buy them when I came across this great DIY Tutorial by Sarah Dorsey, on how to make your own ring pulls, using items from the local hardware store. According to Sarah, to do this project, you need, a 1" brass ring, a brass cotter pin, a brass washer and another washer for inside the drawer to keep it all together. I am not much of a DIYer, but I decided this looked easy and fast! Surprisingly, the hardest part was finding all the pieces in the brass finish. Once I got all the components, totaling $2.35 for two of everything, I was all set for my project. (If you are interested in doing this project and you live in the DC area, send me an e-mail and I can tell you where to get these items).

My tutorial:
Here are the 4 items I used:

How to assemble it:
Step 1: Put the 1" brass ring onto the cotter pin, and slide it all the way back so it locks in. Then slide the washer over the cotter pin all the way up to the ring, it now looks like this:
Step 2: Stick the end of the cotter pin through the hole already in the drawer (in my case it fit perfectly, totally by chance), but you may need to use a drill to make the whole bigger.
Step 3: Just push the whole thing right through the hole, so that the washer is flush with the drawer and the cotter pin is all the way through.
Step 4: Put the other washer on the cotter pin, inside the drawer and bend the ends of the cotter pin around the washer to hold it. (sorry no picture, I actually haven't done that step yet, not sure if I need to).

Ta da, here it is! Seriously it was the easiest project I have ever done!

I love the brass ring pull, it will really tie in better with my nailhead headboard and other brass/gold accents in the room. I will have more bedroom pictures coming soon!


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