Windows - steel frame windows

A few months ago I saw this picture of a foyer by Steven Gambrel and thought it was simply beautiful.
I kept thinking about this picture, it is a look I know and love (muted tones, uncluttered, serene, elegant), yet there is also something unique about it, the steel frame windows. I started to look for pictures of this type of window, and noticed that rooms with this architectural detail look sophisticated and polished, in an understated way. What I like about steel frame windows is that they are subtle yet have a lot of impact, they allow a lot of light to shine through (the frames tend to be slim), they help to create an indoor/outdoor living feel and they really highlight the window. They also work in different design styles, such as traditional, modern, eclectic, transitional etc... 

While I love the look of these windows just about anywhere in a house, steel frame windows in a white kitchen would look stunning, it would add a lot of interest in a subtle way. Have a look at these inspiration photos.

Atlanta Homes Magazine
I am smitten, I love this look! In lieu of replacing all existing windows, painting the window frames black or dark gray and the trim around the window white, would achieve the look!

Would you try steel frame windows (or re-create the look of steel frame windows) in your house? 


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