Accessories - the giant clam shell

I am not much of a knickknack person, my style is simply beautiful. However, my dining/living room is in need of something, dare I say accessories, it is looking a little too plain.  I have been thinking about what might work in this space; a statue, an abstract sculpture, vases, candlesticks etc... nothing I'd thought of was really me or would give the room the right feel. But then, as I was looking at pictures from our last beach vacation and thinking about how much I love summer and the beach, I thought about one of my favorite beachy things, the giant clam shell and realized that's it, it would be perfect for my dining/living room! 

The giant clam shell can be used in virtually any room in a house. Have a look at these inspiration pictures, they are simply beautiful! 

I love that the giant clam shell is a natural, organic element, it is sculptural, it has great texture, it has beautiful, understated coloration, it is elegant, a little glam and yet it also has a beachy vibe - just the look I want for my dining/living room! 

I am so excited to have figured out the perfect "accessory" for my dining/living room, now where to buy one of these beauties. Here are a few I have found (high to low).The price range is vast, (I didn't even include the $2,000+ ones I found!) some are real, some are made out of concrete, resin or plaster and they vary a bit in size.  Also, some have a shiny gold interior, that might be a nice extra touch.

Mecox Gardens $695
Shell Horizons $400 (large), $500 (extra large) $250 (gold leaf)
Wayfair $242.50
Amazon $76.99
Candelabra $72.50 (small) and $147.50 (large)
Zgallerie $59.95 (large), $129.95 (extra large), $149.95 (gold)
Save-on-crafts $49

What do you think about the giant clam shell, chic or kitschy?


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