Colors - Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012

Fall seems to be very quickly approaching! In that vain, I wanted to tell you about Pantone's top 10 fashion colors for Fall 2012, (twice a year Pantone reports on color trends based on the New York runway fashion shows). There certainly are parallels between colors that are in style for fashion and colors that are in style for interior design, meaning colors you see in new fabrics and items found in home furnishing stores. If you are thinking about re-doing a room, or even if you just want to update a room, the color report has some nice neutrals and some fun bright colors you may like to consider.
I wanted to show you how to use these Pantone colors (or any other color(s) you like), to decorate your house with affordable, original art. Art is very individual, so my goal here is to just give you some ideas. I grouped the Pantone colors by two, using the colors as presented above, one on top of the other, because I like that there is one neutral and one bright color in each color combination. However, you could certainly mix and match these anyway you like! One of my favorite websites for original art work is Etsy, where all the images below are from. 

French Roast and Bright Chartreuse

Honey Gold and Olympian Blue

Pink Flambe and Titanium

Tangerine Tango and Rhapsody


Ultramarine Green and Rose Smoke

So there you have it, new color schemes and fresh art ideas for your house.



  1. Loved how you connected the palette to the canvas!

  2. Thank you! I hope it provided some inspiration for your house.