A view from my window - the zoo

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even the zoo! Today's featured picture is of a beautiful panda bear munching on bamboo, taken at the National Zoo. When I was uploading my zoo pictures onto my computer, something about this picture caught my eye and I realized it was the contrast of black and white that made me take a closer look. It reminded me just how much I love black and white (not to mention a nice picnic lunch on a sunny day). Black and white is a classic color combination, it always looks fresh, it never goes out of style and it can be easily accented with any color(s), in this case, green and tan, it is simply beautiful.

There are so many things I love about this living room. I love the contrast of the black wall with the white sofa, and the mostly white picture with the off-center, tan horses. I love the shiny lamp and coffee table contrasted with the natural elements of the wood, antlers and coral. I love that there is a mix of natural items, it isn't just one "theme" and I love the pop of green color from the flowers. 

I would love to have a room with black walls like this inspiration room. Would you dare to paint a room black? How about one wall?

Have a great weekend!


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