Gail Plechaty of Real Simple Design

The September 2012 issue of Traditional Home Magazine features a house by the interior designer, Gail Plechaty of Real Simple Design. I found her work to be inspirational and wanted to share with you some of her rooms...

Chicago Home Magazine

Traditional Home
Gail Plechaty's rooms have an air of casual elegance. They tend to be monochromatic, with a great use of symmetry, and she incorporates antiques into user friendly living spaces. Her rooms look effortless, uncluttered and calming. I think her rooms are simply beautiful!

In the September 2012 Traditional Home Magazine article, Gail Plechaty says that her work is "universal." Meaning, furniture from one room can easily be mixed with furniture from other rooms. The reason why I love this idea is, when you are entertaining and need that extra chair or two, or an extra table, if your design is "universal" then pulling something from another room (in lieu of that metal folding chair from the basement) when needed doesn't necessarily need to look like you have done so.

I hope you have a relaxing labor day!


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