Living Room - Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

We have several potted house plants around our house, but I would love to have a big(ish) tree, like a fiddle leaf fig tree in our living room (these trees are all over the shelter magazines). I like this particular tree as it will provide height, structural form and of course, a natural element to the room. I also like the idea of putting the potted tree in a basket for a little texture bonus. 

Have a look at some inspiration photos:

According to tree-species (one of a plethora of websites about fiddle leaf fig trees) the fiddle leaf fig tree happens to be a good choice for a house plant, it is slow growing, it is relatively easy to care for, it requires a lot of indirect sunlight and does not need much water. Tree-species also provides some maintenance suggestions to keep the tree looking great. 

I think this will be a great addition to our living room!


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