Living Room - Ocean Art

I would absolutely love having this view! Since that is not remotely possible (I live in a landlocked, urban city), I thought I'd use this view as inspiration for a big(ish) piece of ocean related artwork for my neutral living room. 

There are a couple of directions I could go, the first would be a "moody" ocean, which would create a dramatic focal point and keep the room neutral and fairly sophisticated. Here are some examples: 

Richard Misrach photograph via Elle Decor

Another direction would be "fun in the sun" beach scenes, like the photographs from Christian Chaize or  Massimo Vitali, I absolutely LOVE the work by both of these photographers! This type of artwork would create a more fun vibe in the room, and keep things on a lighter note, while adding some personality to the room. 
Christian Chaize photograph via Elle Decor

Massimo Vitali via Canada House and Home

Lastly, I could go with a simple, calming ocean photograph, which would add nice color to our neutral room, in a soothing, relaxing way.  

Hmm, decisions, decisions! What do you think?


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