My Kitchen - Before and After

When we moved into our house the kitchen (and bathrooms) needed to be updated. I am thrilled to share with you our renovated kitchen, before (we moved in) and after (our renovations).

Main Wall - Before:
Main Wall - After:
Side Wall - Before: 
(notice there is no cabinetry on this kitchen wall)
Side Wall - After:
Other Side Wall - Before: Unfortunately I don't have a "before" picture of this wall, but it looked just like the "main wall" shown above. Next to the refrigerator was a full wall (floor to ceiling) with brown cabinetry and a beige laminate counter top and a pocket door.

Other Side Wall - After:
I love a white kitchen, I think it provides so much light and helps to make the space feel open, so I knew that is what I wanted for my kitchen.

Here is a list of things we did to update our kitchen:
Cabinets - Before, good quality cabinets, but a dark brown stain and no hardware. We re-painted the existing cabinets white. For the wall that had no cabinetry, I found (after a long search) cabinets that had the same look as our existing cabinets. I also added polished nickel hardware (hinges, knobs and bin pulls) to the cabinets.
Backsplash - Before, there was no backsplash. We added a white subway tile backsplash throughout the kitchen. 
Countertop -  Before, there was beige laminate that was bubbling. I juxtaposed the white cabinets and white subway tile with honed absolute black granite countertops. While I love the look of carrerra marble (which was a contender for the countertops), I thought the black counter would be a nice contrast to the white and easier to keep clean (I have two little kiddos who love to cook). 
Wall - Before, the kitchen was totally enclosed with two pocket doors. We knocked out half the wall between the kitchen and dining/living room. I absolutely love this! It makes entertaining so easy and I don't feel "stuck" in the kitchen while everyone else is in the other room.
Lighting - Before, there was one builder grade florescent light fixture. We installed 8 recessed lights, which makes such a big difference.
Appliances - Before, white and not working well. We replaced the dishwasher and oven with stainless steel appliances.
Wall Paint - Before, the walls were painted a medium tone yellow. We painted the walls white to match the cabinets - my thinking was to give the illusion that the cabinets are taller than they actually are and to keep the space open feeling. 
Ceiling Paint- Before, white ceiling. My favorite thing about our kitchen renovation was to paint the ceiling blue. It is hard to tell in these pictures, but it just transforms the room. It adds color in a subtle way. 

With all those changes, I am still impressed with what a simple can (or two or three) of paint can do to transform a room! 

Although there are still a few things we need to/want to update (a stainless steel refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom, and a new breakfast table and chairs - they are not in the pictures above, but are located in front of the bay window in the kitchen), I think my kitchen is now simply beautiful!


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